Crescent View South Public Charter School II

July Enrollment 2020

July Enrollment 2020 starts on July 1, 2020. Space is limited.

Call 833-980-1354 or email for more information.

Referral Form: Please fill out this form as you will need it to enroll in the program.

To Enroll: Click on this link: July Enrollment 2020

Why Crescent View South 2?

  • Students are enrolled in WASC accredited charter programs.
  • All our courses are offered online so students don’t have to be in a classroom based setting. They are not required to stay at home; they can travel and/or go about their regular summer activities without restrictions.
  • It’s free and so is the tutoring!
  • All coursework is completed online.
  • We offer extensive teacher interaction to provide feedback, guidance, and encouragement to every student every step of the way!
  • We offer extended support hours including evenings and weekends.

Who is it for?

  • Students who have to retake courses/recover credits.
  • Students who want to get ahead by earning additional credits during summer.

What is the Process?

  • Students do NOT have to withdraw from their school of residence.
  • Students take one course at a time and can earn up to 15 credits (depending upon the number of weeks available during the student’s summer break). Students can take 1 semester course every 10 school days (does not include weekends)

Steps to Enroll

  1. Speak with your counselor to determine the necessary courses
  2. Determine if online learning is for you.
    1. Do you have access to a computer? The program does not work on a cell phone or tablet?
    2. Do you have access to internet?
    3. Are you willing to spend more than 4 hours per day to complete schoolwork? In traditional school, you spend about 60 hours in class for a single semester course. Our coursework requires a similar time requirement.
    4. Are you taking summer classes at your school or with another program? If so, you cannot enroll with CV South 2. No dual enrollment.
  3. On a computer, go to Click on July Classes 2020.